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“You don’t have to go 7,000 miles away to Syria or Lebanon.”

From the very beginning, we have built this community together. Every donation provided to reduce hunger in our beloved Druze communities is made possible by generous people like you. There are many ways to get involved, create something, and build a brighter future for the children and women of Druze families. Fighting hunger in our Druze communities starts with you joining us to fight hunger one family at a time. Which one will you take?

Make a Donation Today

The simplest way to help is often the most effective. No matter how large or small, every donation has the power to make a real impact.

All funds are used for food except for a small credit card transaction fee and transfer fee.







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Choose a program

For as little as $30 dollars a month together, we are able to save a family from hunger. Sponsoring a family in need is easy with a monthly credit card donation. You can select the family and the country or you can have us select the family from our DHP waitlist.

All funds are used for food except for a small credit card transaction fee and transfer fee.

Start A Campaign

This one it will allow them to create a campaign on facebook and different social media platforms.

Support The Druze Foundation by creating a fundraising campaign that inspires you. Run a race, host a party, bake some goodies – however you want to help, we can help you bring it all together.

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Inspire others

Be a Brand ambassador! Remember, whether you have five minutes, five hours or five days, you can make a positive impact by letting others know how they can safe a Druze family from hunger.

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